✅ [iOS] Sneak peeks scrolling issue

There a bug in the app when viewing sneak peeks. Once you’ve selected coming soon etc and scroll down, you can’t then scroll back up to then select already finished or any other option.

A bit more info would be helpful :slight_smile:


Details to reproduce:
App Version:


Works ok here.

iPhone X, iOS 12.1 (16B5059Dj

Issue: once selecting sneak peeks and then choosing one of the three options, if I scroll down I can’t then scroll back up to select one of the other options. Perhaps linked to choosing the ‘send me future sneak peeks’ message which never goes away? I’ve just tried it again and the problem is now similar but presenting in a different way. When selecting ‘already finished’ it won’t let me scroll down.

Details to reproduce: see above
OS: iOS 12
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.16.0

Screenshots: not really much help but I have a video but it doesn’t seem to be possible to upload.

I use Vimeo

Link to video