✅ [iOS] Summary scrolling crash

(James) #1

Found a new crash, I’m using the new UI - may be related.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Open Summary
  2. Background App
  3. Bring Back to Foreground
  4. Scroll Up/Down in Summary
  5. App Crashes

OS: iOS 12.3
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: v2.46 (523)


I got the same thing, after a few scrolls in both directions.

OS: iOS 12.2
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: v2.46 (523)

(Graham) #3

Yep - ditto on XR


Same on iPhone 8

(Fin Horsley) #5

ditto on iPhone 7 (it takes a few swipes up and down)

OS: iOS 12.2
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: v2.46 (523)

(Craig) #6


Thanks for reporting!

This should be fixed for the next release (2.48.0) :raised_hands: