iOS - Savings Pots appeared with 'Hide' option?

What just happened.

Opened Monzo, saw I had a Savings Pot that I did not create, tapped on it, there was a Hide button!

So I hid it.

Now it’s gone. Forever?

Are we close to hide buttons for iOS??

Don’t you get me excited now @gmclean!

Wish I’d taken a screenshot …

Did it look like this?;

I also hid it (after screenshotting it). But it wasn’t a pot. More of an advert to make you aware of the ability to create a savings pot. If you tapped on ‘See our rates’ it took you to the same screen as if you tapped on ‘Things you can do with Monzo > Earn interest on your money’.


I was going to say, Proof or it didn’t happen.

Although to be honest, I’d be more worried about the phantom Savings Pot!

Ahhh yes it did, appeared in the list of pots, so presumed a pot. And tapping on the grey bar to slide that panel down revealed a ‘Hide’ button.

Dagnammit! Got all excited there. :laughing:

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Oh I live for the day when Parity comes to town !

This advert made me quite irritated as I didn’t notice the hide button at first :sweat_smile:

What is this witchcraft you speaketh of? :no_mobile_phones:

The rates are terrible right now. 0.90%

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