Hidden Mystery Pot

Hey guys, I’m more curious than this being an issue.

On the app main screen scrolling between my main account and a pot I set up there seemed to be another pot I had never set up.

What made this one different to a usual pot is that there was a hide button beneath it which when clicked made it dissappear.

Now I can’t find it on any of the sub menus. What exactly was it and where can I find it?


You can hide pots to keep them out of view, some people find it helps the avoid temptation.

There’s an edit button top left I think and then you’ll be able to check/uncheck the pots.

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That’s whats weird about this pot, it’s not in that section where all pots are shown.

Plus usually pots don’t have a hide option directly underneath do they?

Are you on iOS?

On Android where you click top-left (your own profile image) and then when you’re on the list of accounts and pots there is a pen icon top-right which, when pressed, allows you to mark a pot as hidden, or re-arrange the order. There is no “hide” button.

If you have hidden the pot then you won’t see it in the main list until you un-hide it.

This is standard functionality in the app although it’s possible there is a variance in the way different operating systems handle it.

Was it a pot pot, or just an advertisement appearing in the card carousel (cardrousel?)? I recently had one encouraging me to set up pots and it had a hide button underneath - otherwise no interactions just an advert

I’m on android.

Yeah it’s odd it had other interactions on there alongside the hide option, which is weird as an actual pot doesn’t have one located there.

Perhaps you’re right and it was just a new elaborate advert for pots, it would explain while I’m not able to see it even if I go to the pots screen in my profile.