Hide a pot from the main view area

TL;DR: Have the ability to hid a pot from the main view (screenshot 1) but keep it listed in your secondary account list (screenshot 2).

At the moment I have a basic savings account held elsewhere where I can make deposits by bank transfer but have to go into the branch in person to make a withdrawal request. For me this is to add in some friction for me to be able to go and take money out. This works but the friction is a little too excessive now that I am able to manage myself with money better than before.

With Monzo I know that I can open a savings pot that takes 1 working day to the money out of, and this friction is almost enough for me to be able to bring my savings to Monzo. However, I like to be able to almost save and ‘forget about it’ day-to-day (honestly, mainly so I don’t obsess about it - does anyone else have this issue or am I crazy??).

With this in mind, I think it would be really handy if it was possible to hide a pot from the main view (which you see when you open the app and scroll along the top - screenshot 1), but still keep that pot in the account list which is shown when you swipe down (screenshot 2).

I know that I can always see that pot if I really need to, but I think psychologically, not having it in the main area I use every day would be really helpful.

Knowing that some work is going into being able to choose which account card you see first (individual/joint) and ability to reorder pots, I’d assume something like this would fit into that realm.

Already in development

Yep, here’s the latest design

Going to close this. Please use that thread to continue discussing this