[iOS] Salary Sorter Crash


Every time I find my salary payment and choose salary sorter, the app crashes. Then if I go back to that salary payment - the option for the sorter is no longer there. Clicking on other months for my salary might have one that I can click the button again. However, it crashes again.

Essentially I cannot use salary sorter.

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 13.3
**Device:**iPhone X
App Version: #558


As far as I know, the option for the Salary Sorter is only available for two or three days from the payment date and once it’s been used it should be removed.

Going back through your history shouldn’t provide that option associated with any older payment. If it does, I’m not surprised it crashes the app!

Agree with the above, something sounds amiss with your install as that isn’t normal behaviour and you’re the first to report it.

Try removing and reinstalling the app to see if that sorts it. Nine times out of ten it fixes strange behaviour like this.

I just experienced this, reinstalled the app and I still don’t have the option to sort. The income is enough to trigger salary sorter.

I thought I’d set up salary sorter but it doesn’t seem to actually have worked the last few times. I was hoping to check what I’d set it to before my next pay day.

You can’t at the moment

Salary sorter is available for 72 hours one the transaction is in your account. If you click on it then it’s gone and you can’t get it back

You need to manually activate it every time

Ok thanks, maybe the help in the app should be updated because the 72 hour limit isn’t mentioned there.

Can confirm I see this issue too.
If it is desired that the option disappears after 72 hours this isn’t happening. Pressing the button crashes the app. 100% reproduction rate.

  1. Launch the app and locate salary deposit in Joint Account
  2. Click the Salary Sorter button, seen at least 72 hours after deposit
  3. Observe the issue
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