[iOS] Pulse graph doesn’t display predicted line

Issue: Pulse graph doesn’t display predicted line
Details to reproduce: Seems to never display. If you flick back and forth between months it sometimes then appears briefly.
OS: ios 11.4
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 2.2.0. #418


My pulse graph very rarely shows the predicted line (it normally appears briefly but then disappears)

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It also sometimes appears when you initially open the app but vanishes again :frowning:

I’m doubting myself here, but at the start of the month should the pulse graph not start again? IE the line that indicates where you are is at the very left at the screen, and a prediction line trailing off to the right? Today (1st Aug) My graph looks as below and I don’t think it is meant to?


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What happens if you force close the app and re open?

I covet your graph going up over the month.

(Mine looks tragic in comparison)

Just the same (and I cleared the cache too). So it should have reset then?

Mine has so I guess so :smile:

I’ve merged your post with this thread as it seems the bug could be similar?
Also will it go onto the next month yet or does it wait until you make a transaction?

could also be worth logging out of the app and back in :slight_smile:

Have tried logging back out and in again, no change.

IMO it should reset regardless of transactions, in the same way the summary does…

Edit: Have just made a transaction which seems to have reset the graph. I still think it shouldn’t require a transaction though!


Mine didn’t reset til I took money out at an ATM (sorry Monzo). Normally just resets :woman_shrugging:

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Mine reset with a force close, but I also don’t have the predicted line

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Mine stays there for about 3-5 seconds on launch, and then disappears again — useless :frowning:

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