[iOS] On joint account transfer transaction detail screen I see "number of payments 2" but there's only 1 payment in that account


Details to reproduce:

Make a transfer to person X in your personal Monzo account
Make a transfer to person X in your joint Monzo account
Visit the transaction detail screen in the joint account: near the bottom it says “Number of payments: 2”
Tap on “Number of Payments: 2”: only one payment is found in the search

It seems to be counting the payments from both accounts, but only finding the payments from the account which is currently selected when a search is done, which confused me.

I think it should either show “Number of payments: 1” or show both payments in the search screen

OS: iOS 12.3.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: Not sure how to find this

Screenshots: None :slight_smile:

Top left for account, then top right for Settings, then you’ll find it at the bottom.

Got it. Thanks Colin.