[ios] Merchant/Payee filter causes app crash


How strange!

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Yep, it died. Monzo chat channel after lunch, been quiet today so not hard to find :grin:


Hey @wjs

Seeing as you have the same set up as me, have you had any issues with the app crashing since today’s update?

Whenever I hit the “account” button on my joint account screen, it crashes.

Monzo are aware, and others have had the same issue.

A delete and reinstall fixed it for a short time, but now it’s back.

(Will) #24

Hi @nickh

I can replicate the JA “account” tab crashing.

I’m also now getting your original bug too - but not just on the joint account. That “person” icon in the search menu crashes the app on my sole account now too… Is that happening for you now too?


The person icon crash isn’t happening for me anymore.

But the joint account “account” tab is a biggie.

Makes the app unusable - The risk of running ios12 and the test flight app I guess.

(Will) #26

Well that’s fun! Maybe it’s like a fun game of pass-the-bug and it’s now my turn?

For anyone from Monzo reading this - happy to provide any xcode logs etc. as useful - feel free to DM!

A new Search


A complete reinstall fixed everything for a few hours yesterday.

It was paradise whilst it lasted.

(Will) #28

That appears to have worked for me now too - I’ll see how long it lasts :grinning:


May the odd forever be in your favour!


(Graham - Mental health professional) #30


I’m able to reproduce that crash without fail. Just updated the app and reinstalled.

I’m using an Xr and IOS 12.1.1

(Dean C) #31

App crashes for me too when clicking same button. This is no longer a unique problem and should therefore be moved up the priority list. Apart from the app crashing this also means I can’t use the search features correctly.

IOS 12.1 (16B92)
iPhone 6S
Monzo 2.23.0

Sole & Joint Account Holder


Monzo 2.23.0 (test flight)
iPhone XR running iOS 12.1
I only have single account on Monzo but as soon as I use the icon picture to search merchants. The app crashes on me instantly with a black screen.

(Richard Bartlett) #33

Same issue here.

iOS app crashes when I attempt to filter transactions by ‘person’.

App: v2.23.0
iPhone X
iOS 12.1.1
Sole account only

100% repro rate

  1. Launch app
  2. Select search icon in ‘Home’.
  3. Select filter by person icon.
  4. App immediately crashes.

@nickh you raised this a few months ago but suddenly there’s a bunch of us seeing the same behaviour. Did Monzo ever fix your original issue before this reoccurred?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #34

Hi @simonb

Not done this before, but given there’s a genuine fault in the search function, can we at least get this acknowledged and in the to-do list please?

(Simon B) #35

Noted and raising it now. Thanks :grinning:

iOS - App crashes when selecting merchant filter option

Pretty sure I had to do this a few times, but it did work in the end.

Not sure if someone did anything on Monzos side, but I’ve never had the problem again.

(Richard Bartlett) #37

Thanks @nickh.

I’ll just wait for a fix. Can’t stand reinstalling apps even though it’s simpler than writing posts!

(Scott) #38

I’m having same issue…

I have iPhone 8 :frowning:

(Micky) #39

I’m not sure where bugs get posted but when I try to use the search function on joint account using the highlighted button it crashes the app


(Richard Bartlett) #40

The issue still occurs on the bugfix build v2.25.0 on iPhone X and iPhone 6, both on iOS 12.1.1, both occuring 100% of the time.