A new Search

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #21

It’d be great if you could search for transactions which don’t have a receipt attached. That way, I could go through and add receipts quickly.

(James Watkins) #22

Being able to do a search to show all transactions ‘without’ certain notes would be helpful
E.g. You could search ‘:x: Camden’. This would allow you to edit a bunch of transactions and write Camden in the notes (if you were in Camden for a weekend away for example), and then you could see everything you spent that month but without the money spent in Camden.
Sometimes I spend money on things that are outliers to my usual budget and it skews the whole amount

(Zander) #23

Thanks for the feedback James — your idea also ties into a feature others have discussed before about grouping spending:

It’s an interesting idea, and has definite use cases, I think it’s part of the bigger question about how categories should work and the way we tie clusters of spending together :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #24

I’m playing with the idea of using a long tap (or even single tap if we are willing to accept the trade-off) to reveal some extra options for our search filters.

This could easily address the most common requests about search (calendar control, debit/credit search, not-attachments) while not adding more complexity for those that don’t want more stuff.

Just a quick post so you know that we listen to your amazing feedback and keep working on improving Monzo :slight_smile:


Perhaps those extra options could be controlled by the pattern SwiftKey uses for punctuation - hold button, drag left or right, release on correct option?


Use Touch ID also perhaps.

(Justin) #27

It’s great to be able to search through transactions within the app - and to do so online and offline.

I’ve noticed that I can search for transactions in specific countries (Switzerland, etc) but I think I’d also find it handy to search for transactions “abroad”, or “not UK”. Is it likely in future that natural language searches could be further expanded?

(Zander) #28

That’d be awesome. I think we’d all love to see more natural language input in the app, mainly because it’s just very cool. One of the by-products of growing bigger and having more users will be that this becomes easier, I think. We don’t have any plans currently to focus on the search, but there may well be a time over the next year where we revisit it and I’m sure natural language will come up :grinning:

After The Big List - polishing existing features?
(Jolin) #29

I’m so glad to hear this! I hope we do see an improved search for iOS (and that when it is released it comes to Android too). Biggest issues are:

  1. No ability to specify custom date range (this is the biggest hinderance)
  2. Lack of does not include operator (or not equal to)
  3. Searching for emojis doesn’t work :cry:

Would love to see this:

Why Monzo think Android app is on par with iOS
(Alex Sherwood) #30

Searching for some emojis does work but it’s inconsistent.

(Mark Dunne) #31

I agree with others that the ability to set a custom date range would be great! I get paid four weekly so it would be good if I could search transactions based on each pay period :grinning:

(Jack) #32

Although the iOS search seems great I’ve noticed some weird bugs with it myself. I use the search most days so I’d like to see it being improved.

(Toby Toller) #33

Custom date range would be amazing, but in the meantime we at least need to be able to search ‘this/last Summary Period’

(Kelvin Papp) #34

I’d like to see an option to filter / search by transaction type (e.g. Standing Order / Direct Debit / Contactless etc.) which I don’t think exists at the moment. That aside, the current search experience is (in my opinion) very good - certainly far better than any other account i’ve used.

One oddity I do encounter quite regularly is duplication if I search by person. I assume these are populated based on transactions (I regularly transfer money into my account from this account in my example, so there are multiple entries in my history), but it would be good if the Search tool was able to identify and hide duplicates:

(Chris) #35

Hi looking forward to this i have been wanting it for a while

A few things what would be very useful is to have a subtotal (& average of all search matches) in line with the day and a main total and average for the month that the search result is in …

Example search:
Show only eating out or groceries within 12:00 and 15:00 and Monday to Friday - to get an idea of how much im spending on work lunches … maybe i could set when i am on holiday so those results get omitted?

Also i would like to be able to save a search for reuse later in a preset list somewhere

(Mark Braithwaite) #36

Is the current search for iOS? I’m only a week into using Monzo on Android and the search is nothing like this?!? All my search is, is just typing in a word (which works well just to add)

Just wondering if I am missing a way of filtering in the app? If not, please can this come to Android soon!



Yeah the iOS search is lot more comprehensive than the Android one which is why you’ll often see differences between the two.

(Tom Lynch) #38

Anyone else finding that the search crashes every time you click the person icon?


Mine used to do that.

Delete and reinstall fixed it from memory.

Was it the same as this?

(Stuart Leader) #40

Anything beyond a simple text search on Android would be great…