[ios] Merchant/Payee filter causes app crash

(Graham - Mental health professional) #41

Yes - still there. iPhone Xr etc.

(Marc Easen) #42

Issue: App crashes while trying to search by contact

Details to reproduce: Open search, select contact icon, crash.
OS: iOs 12.1
Device: iPhone x
App Version: 2.24.0 #479


(Ray Singh) #43

I’m having exactly the same issue!

iOS 12.1
Apple iPhone XS Max
Monzo 2.25.0

I’m also having few other issue a like crashes when deleting a saved payee and sending payments using TW integration, both reported separately. it looks like the very latest update is super buggy

(Marc Easen) #44

Just updated to 2.25.0 and the app still crashes.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #45

Yep the problem persists.
@HughWells, does anyone have an update on the one please? May have missed it, but I’ve not seen the bug acknowledged so wondering if it’s on the radar.

(Jonathan Port) #46

In the main transaction view, when tapping search and tapping on the people filter (second item) on the filter bar above the keyboard, the app crashes. Doesn’t happen on my partners phone but on mine it does every time.

My phone: iPhone XS latest IOS
Partners phone: iPhone XS latest iOS

(Jordan Priestley) #47

Hey There,

I’ve found I’m able to constantly reproduce an app crash when using the contact button on the search navbar (seen in screenshot). Attempted to delete and re-download the app.

Steps to reproduce:

  • On Monzo Feed Screen
  • Choose Search
  • Tap Contact Button

Expected Result
Search is executed

Actual Result
App Crash

I also have the iOS App Crash Logs as appropriate, but can’t upload them to the post :slight_smile:

iOS 12.1.2
iPhone XS Max

(Only available in amateur ) #48

I was asking about this on slack this morning. There is a fix but with the App Store review team closing down for Christmas it might be January before we get it

(Jordan Priestley) #49

Good to know it’s being worked on at least, even if there’s no firm timeline! Thanks :slight_smile:!

(Ciprian Smith) #50

When on home screen select a card payment, select number of payments, this takes you to all other payments to the same company. At the top of the screen is the search bar click in the search bar and select the person icon. App crashes each time


I’ve just tried to reproduce that and couldn’t. More information might be required. Device type probably as a minimum. I used an iPhone XS max and it worked fine.

(Hugh Wells) #53

Just to set expectations, I’m not sure that’s accurate I’m afraid :sweat_smile:

We have raised this, and it will be prioritised against other work :+1:

(Brandon Billingham) #54

iPhone 6S
iOS 12.1.2
Latest Monzo App Store Build
Crashes when using the person icon.

(Kate) #55

Issue: the app crashes when I click on the People icon when trying to do a filter on searching from the home page

Details to reproduce: click the search icon from the monzo home screen. Click the icon of a person.
OS: 12.2.2
Device: iPhone X
App Version:



Same issue here (person icon crashes the app):

iPhone 8
iOS 12.1
Version 2.29.0


Same with me

iPhone X
iOS 12.1.2
Monzo version 2.29.0


Seems to be replicable on older phones too. This button crashes the app 100% of the time for me on both sole/JA accounts.

iPhone SE
iOS 12.1.2
Monzo version 2.29.0

(Craig) #59

Hey everyone!

This should be resolved in the next release :raised_hands:

(Andy) #60

Can you reveal what was causing the bug at all? Just curious! :nerd_face: