✅ [iOS] App crashes when submitting feedback

Issue: Everytime I go to a normal card transaction (so with location data and everything as it’s a shop) I find the merchant to update info and it crashes during submitting it

*Details to reproduce:

  1. go to a transaction that has location data
  2. Click improve name, location or Logo
  3. Improve name and location
  4. Find corresponding merchant
  5. Press submit and it crashes

OS: iOS 11.4.1
Device: iPhone 8 Plus
App Version: 2.14.0 (453) test flight


Still crashing in newest version 2.15.0

Thanks for posting :pray:

Could I just check if you’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app? This clears the cache fully which often isn’t the case on an upgrade :sweat:

I have indeed tried that :slight_smile: