iOS app size


The app size jumped from a lardy 120+ Mb today to 239 Mb! My First Direct banking app is 86mb. The Monzo app seemed lardy at over 100mb, but this latest update is bonkers. Are you shipping lead in it?

A bit more pruning wouldn’t go amiss.


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I think it’s a trade off between size and speed. They’ve rewritten / optimised different parts of the app because there were slowdowns - it’s quicker now but with a heavier footprint, ironically.

Maybe they’ll trim it a bit again now performance is better?


134.3 MB for me?


That’s TestFlight. Current App Store is 239.

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I thought it was basically the same one?


It’s huge compared to Android version…



I really don’t think there’s any excuse for an app to be this big – unless there’s a truck load of debugging left in it, or masses of high quality (unneeded) graphics.

Oh I’m not necessarily disagreeing. The point I was making was that I’d rather have bigger app that was snappy than a smaller app that wasn’t…

(I never really look at app sizes - elegance apart, does it really matter to the end user?)

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It does when you don’t have much storage space left on your phone. The difference between 10 x 150MB apps and 10 x 50 MB apps is 1GB of precious space.


Maybe relevant:

That looks like it @lumisota! Good find, and thanks for sharing :+1:

Yep it seems the App Store is reporting the size of the downloads wrong.

If you look under iPhone storage in settings the app takes up around 149mb excluding any cached data.

Hence the difference in size on Testflight vs Appstore

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