Monzo App Size [iOS]

Having installed the latest TestFlight build today, I noticed the app is pretty hefty, at over 200MB. What is the reason for this? Does it need to be so bloated?

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Hey @HoddzDJ ready for some nerdy knowledge? :nerd_face:

App Store apps use a system called ‘app thinning’ which means that it only downloads the bits of the app that are required for it to work on your device. This isn’t available for TestFlight versions, which is why they’re often a lot larger :+1:


Yo @Samw Hi5

That’s pretty sweet and great to know that too :raised_hands: But, how come the app needs 200+ MB on my handset? Is there really that much data for the app? I would have thought/assumed that all of my transaction data is in the/a cloud :cloud: somewhere so what needs all the space?

Just intrigued, really.

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So I’ve just taken a look on my phone, and while this is only anecdotal, I can see that the Beta app (1.9.4) is around 170mb and the App Store one (1.9.3) is around 85mb. So I’d expect to see an appreciable reduction in size when it leaves beta :rocket: An engineer might be able to give you a better answer on this though!

Since you can view your feed offline, my understanding is that when you login we download a copy of transactions on your device, although of course it’s all kept securely on our servers too :closed_lock_with_key:


Thanks for taking the time to reply Sam, really appreciate it :punch:


There’s been if discussion over the last week around the growing size of iOS apps and updates (such as 400MB+ for Facebook). Here’s an interesting article in what contributes to app sizes, and what developers can look at to reduce them:

Don’t know how much of this applies to the :monzo: app, but maybe there’s scope for reducing the size in the future once the current accounts are out?

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