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Is it possible to get the Monzo app to display in landscape mode for use on the iPad? I have a 12.9 pro with a magic keyboard, turning it sideways is not the most progressive look!

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I believe this is a limitation in how iPads emulate iPhone apps, so you’d need to ask Apple for this feature. Unless of course you’d like Monzo to just naturally support landscapes orientation directly in the app.

I have spoken to apple, they said I would need to contact individual app designers to fix it. I and I am sure several others would like this very much.
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Ah I got you. So you would like the app to support portrait orientation, not the iPhone emulation feature built into iPadOS.

I initially thought you just wanted the emulation tool to use landscape, so you’d still get a portrait Monzo experience but with the ability to use your iPad with its keyboard.

Personally I’m not Monzo in landscape would
work too well given it’s current UI design.

I think a full featured native iPad app, or web app, that could be used in landscape orientation would be a better use of resources.

I’m with you though, in that I would like a better supported Monzo experience on my iPad too, and hopefully they will make that happen!

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iPads are not supported. If you’d like to see it added to the list you can vote for it below :slight_smile: