✅ [iOS] Infinite loop of Nearby Friends when Bluetooth turned off

Issue: So I enter into nearby friends (because I was being fat fingered and hit the wrong button tbh) but my Bluetooth was turned off…up pops the iOS saying “can Monzo connect” you click OK thinking it will go away and up pops “Bluetooth is turned off”. The only way to now get out of the loop is to go into setting and forcibly crash the Monzo app!

Surly Monzo can check if Bluetooth is on before starting this loop.

iOS 11.4
iPhone 8 Plus
TestFlight 2.2.0(418)


Couldn’t get a screen shot of the other one as this pops up over the top of it about a second after it says Bluetooth is turned off


I’m afraid this is forced by the iOS system :frowning: It isn’t something we can easily control


:sob: :sob: :sob: it’s such a horrible experience

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Probably the solution isn’t to use a native iOS dialog then?

Might make more sense to just display an error message where the nearby friends appear explaining Bluetooth needs to be on.

You’re assuming that the use of the dialog isn’t also enforced by the OS. Do we know that’s the case?

It’s not an assumption, checking the status of Bluetooth on iOS is a quick call. It doesn’t impose any system dialog etc.

(Initially getting access/permission to Bluetooth does create a system dialog, but checking on/off does not)

The second dialog is created by the Monzo app.