[iOS] Incorrect date for transactions

Just an update on this issue.

I reported it via in app chat earlier this week, linking to my post on this thread as well. They’ve said it’s an issue they are aware off, and so they were feeding it back. I don’t really want to ask via the chat again if anything is happening to fix it, as I feel that contacting c-ops should be predominantly used when someone has an actual banking query/concern etc, and I don’t want to use up resources asking them about this kind of stuff.

That being said, I really would like to see my transactions on the right day in the home feed without force quitting the app every day :smile:.

Since I posted those screenshots a week ago, I have continued to not force quit the app each night, to see how long it usually takes for the feed to correct itself.
On average, I would say it corrects itself about 10-12 hours late, although the last refresh was approx 30 hours late, which is longer than when I posted the screenshots last week.

I think it is clear that the today/yesterday transactions on the home feed only change when the app is cleared from memory on iOS, due to available RAM running out. All other aspects of the app update, except this.

I feel as though this issue is likely more widespread than seems to be being reported here, but also that if people are using more RAM hungry apps than I seem to be using, they will notice this issue less, if Monzo is cleared from memory sooner. Also, I would expect people using older iPhones with less memory, will not experience this issue as much as their phone will clear Monzo from RAM more frequently.

I hope it gets fixed soon :slightly_frowning_face:.
I haven’t done a delete/reinstall for little while, so gonna try that now and see if it has any effect.

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Has this now been fixed I wonder? For the last two mornings my 8am pot transfers have immediately been assigned with the correct date instead of sitting with yesterday’s transactions until at least midday…
If so, thank you!

Well I spoke to soon- this morning the pot withdrawal is back sitting with yesterday’s transactions.