[iOS] Connected accounts - display bug when pending transaction settles

Issue: over the last few weeks I’ve had an issue with my connected accounts when a transaction changes from pending to completed, the pending transaction continues to show underneath it (1st screenshot).

When you scroll down the feed and then back up, it then replaces the original pending transaction with another random transaction from the past (2nd screenshot).

If you repeat that and scroll down and back up again it can replace the pending transaction with yet another random previous transaction (3rd screenshot).

I have to force quit the app for it to display the transactions correctly (4th screenshot).

It isn’t particular to one connected account - it has happened on more than one connected account.

OS: :apple: iOS 14.6
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 3.85.0


Been seeing the same thing for a week or two as well. Also not linked to any particular account.

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