[iOS] Cannot progress in international bank transfer

When trying to make an international bank transfer I can get to the page where I select how much money to send, however on this page there is a numerical keyboard which I cannot get to disappear, and the continue button is greyed out. I am then stuck and unable to complete the payment.

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS (13)
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.57.0 #545


Hi Pete - reduce the size of the text on your phone settings - or increase it Im not sure ??? :slight_smile: , I think it was reduce it - that would be logical - when the same thing happened to me couple of months back


I have this exact same problem: when I finish filling in the amount and reference number, the keyboard persists and covers up the next mandatory menu, which is to choose the payment method. I’m on an iPhone SE and suspect the app has not been tested properly on a device with a small screen. I’ve tried reducing the text size as Iansilversides suggests and it doesn’t improve things.

Hi any solution to this? Stuck in the same problem