iOS bug - payment requests

A friend has requested money from me using Monzo.

The request shows in my feed as “Request” but does not have the reference / detail of the request.

When I click on the feed item, it simple shows “Requested” - there is still no indication as to what the request is for.

When I go into Payments > Shared, I can finally see the reason for the request. (It took me ages to find this option and finally work out why I’d been asked for money.)

Now, when I’ve done that I can go back to the feed and - unlike before - it now shows “Request for:” and provides the reason.

Clicking on this again takes me to a screen that lets me accept or decline the request but, as before, does not show the reason for the request.

Details to reproduce: as above
OS: iOS 15.4.1
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 4.24.0 #819


So that’s why people haven’t been paying me back!

Just confirmed this is happening to a few of my siblings too when I send them a request.

Different iPhone models, but app and iOS version being used are the same you reference in your report.

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Yeah, in my case this request was a joke fine for something I’d done, so I totally missed the joke.

I’m about to send off some payment requests for holidays. At least now I know monzo are hiding the references, I will explain separately what the moneys being requested for, and whether it’s full payment or part payment deposit.

It’s only a small bug but it’s quite annoying!

Who do we tag in these for these things these days…? @AlanDoe @brandonskerritt @Dan5 @Carlo1460

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I’m not the expert on this sadly.

I may be wrong, but if the person used split bill it would show the icon/transaction this refers to in the feed.

But if a request without transaction attached… let me check:

It says what it’s for on the Lock Screen, but nowhere else until hitting the shared tab.


Yep, but now (after viewing the request in the Shared tab) if you go back to the feed, it will show the reason for the request in the feed.

You can then force close the app and restart the cycle again.