✅ [iOS] App crashes when suggesting merchant's info

App crashes when suggesting merchant’s info using Google.

Details to reproduce:
Suggest merchants info via Google with location services on. Hit Send.

iOS 12 Beta 9 (or 16A5366a)

iPhone 8

App Version:
Testflight 2.14.0 (453)

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Thanks :pray:

We are aware of this and looking into options regarding the wider rollout of 2.14.0 :+1:

I am also having this issue after updating from iOS 11.2 to iOS 12 beta. previously it was ok and now the problem is still persisting after re installation too.

Yup, I’m afraid it is a bug in 2.14.0

The bug is still there on 2.15.0!

Sorted in TestFlight 2.15.0 (455) :raised_hands: