iOS 13 now working via TestFlight

Just an update, the newest TestFlight beta now works on iOS 13 for me!


I really wish iOS would actually notify me immediately when a new Testflight build is released…


If you haven’t already you can enable notifications in TestFlight

Oh, that is enabled, but Apple still decides to wait a few days before actually sending it…

Is it possible to get access to the TestFlight build if I can’t open the app to ask through chat? I’m on iOS 13 and don’t have access to Monzo on TestFlight yet.

I requested via Twitter DM

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How do I request TestFlight invite?

Contacting customer services

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Same tried via android emulator waiting on response.

Update use this link to run Monzo on IOS 13


Just installed on iPadOS, I wish they’d update the app to work fullscreen on the iPad too.

Being logged into the app on iOS and iPadOS simultaneously would be handy too.

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