iOS 12 Siri Account Balance

Yes please Monzo! image


Yeah, but it’s Siri.

“Siri, what’s my Monzo balance?”

Siri turns the lights off and plays Michael Bublé at full volume :joy:


Was just about to post to ask if Monzo have been working on any Siri Shortcuts support as the iOS 12 GM has just landed and the Shortcuts app is already quite nice too. Assuming this is probably via the former?


Siri open TuneIn Radio

Sorry you do not have an app called Tuning Radio

Siri open TuneIn Radio!!!

Sorry you do not have an app called Tuning Radio

Siri open TuneIn Radio!!!

Playing Beats Radio



Tap the text on your screen which says “Tuning” and correct it to help Siri learn.


I do that all the time and still she don’t learn lol


Although they say this helps him learn, in my experience it just changes it for that one time only. No learning.


I mean it hears me say it just fine, but you can file a bug on Siri. Use if you’re running iOS 11, or Feedback Assistant if you’re running a beta (it’ll collect logs for you).

Siri seems a bit more competent on the iOS 12 beta, but annoyingly the iOS dev betas don’t let you get the Siri Shortcuts app…

If IFTTT gets hooked up to Siri shortcuts, I’m guessing you could do stuff with Monzo that way…

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I got Shortcuts on TestFlight. Can’t remember how now, must have applied in the developer portal. I like what I can see, but I’ve not used it enough. I think I’m going to use it more when HomePod supports it, which they announced yesterday it will :raised_hands:

Shortcuts is via TestFlight, and you apply for it here.

Not a lot of point now seeing as it will most likely go public on Monday.

***if you have a dev account

IFTTT works with Workflow, which Shortcuts is replacing - so hopefully they’ll update the triggers for it quickly and you’ll be able to set up Siri shortcuts for Monzo Actions in IFTTT.


So now that it’s public release, has anyone actually managed this? Through IFTTT or otherwise?

I think Shortcuts should be able to talk to the Monzo API directly using the Get Contents of URL step – but someone a bit smarter than me would have to give it a go.

Edit: Oooh I got it working, I’m smart me. I’ll write it up when I’ve done it cleanly.

Here we go. This is probably the completely wrong way to go about this as I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, but it works.

Log into in your browser and head over to the Playground - you’ll need some of the details here in a bit

Install this Shortcut on your iOS device:

In the Dictionary step at the top, you’ll need to replace the two values on the right with the corresponding values given to you in the Monzo API Playground

Running the shortcut throws an alert window displaying your balance - but if you set it up as a Siri shortcut, then Siri will read it out to you instead.

Rough, but it works.

Edit: Hmm, Siri reads the money amounts out weird…
Edit 2: It only reads out £ amounts weird if you have the Siri in an Irish voice like I do – “your balance is three hundred and forty two point four five great british pounds”. Daft.

Is it possible to do this without the Monzo developer playground thing? (Still using Siri shortcuts) or not yet?

Only options right now are

  1. Bludgeoning the API like this
  2. Someone writes an app for the App Store that uses the API more sanely
  3. Monzo build it into their app

Obviously option 3 is the ideal

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Looks like the API access token expires after about a day - so this is all a bit pointless