IOM customers


I was a previous customer and switched away after having a good number of issues with the setting up of direct debits. Here on the Isle of Man some companies still send paper DD mandates and the address for the sort code you use is an old abbey national one and still has another address attached to it on some sort code databases.

Anywho I was going to try opening an account and it now says the country is invalid. I’m aware of the ring fencing and wondered if this was the reason why? I used the account previously while in the Isle of Man with no other issues and have a good number of friends still using the account over here.

Can anyone clarify this please?



Hi, this post from a monzo staff says.that the channel Islands aren’t covered .

I think customers who had an account during the prepaid days were migrated to a current account , but I’m not sure about that .

I guess email for a definitive answer.

Thanks. However IOM isn’t in the Channel. Its between England and Ireland. We have Lloyd’s and Barclays etc but they may operate under a different license.



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The Isle of Man has its own financial regulator so I assume it’s the same situation as the Channel Islands.


The Isle of Man (like the Channel Islands) is not part of the UK so I believe that Monzo’s UK banking licence doesn’t provide them with cover for operating there.