Crown Dependencies. Guernsey, Jersey, IOM, etc

I know this has been answered before, but can we expect being able use Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man addresses to register our Monzo any time soon?

I know that banking licences against small populations are the issue, but if it was made a Monzo plus option would that make it more viable?

We are all British, live in the British Isles and very few of us have UK addresses, all 250,000 of us!

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Unlikely, Monzo Plus is not available for Channel Islands even if you have an existing account which is very disappointing as I quite like some of the new features.

The process for getting a banking license and regulated in the Islands is quite onerous and and probably not worth their time for the relatively small number of potential customers they will gain.

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I have been using Monzo for years (and i live in Jersey) I have found out that i am unable to upgrade to Plus or Premium which is a little upsetting. But I’m now worried about the future of my account… I am just about to move my direct debits over etc, but am a little reluctant if i am going to closed down, or shut off shortly :frowning:

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