Crown Dependencies

Just to re-light this one in 2019…

Please would someone from the Monzo team explain whether the team are actively pursuing extending into the Channel Islands / IOM? As usual, we are unable to benefit from any of the exciting tech due to not being part of the EEA or the UK

I would like to understand what the roadblocks are and what appetite, if any, the team has to enter into a dialogue with the powers that be to overcome them?

I assume it is from the card issuers i.e. mastercard but then do not understand why that should be the case as most of us have mastercard issued cards here no problem.

We keep reading “maybe in future” and “we’d like to extend to the Crown Dependencies in future” but there is never any mention of why this can’t be sooner?

I’m also aware of many CI residents who have a card (who did not have a pre-paid card and do not have a uk address) and wonder how this came to be when it is evidently not possible if you follow the sign up process.

People in crown dependencies were able to upgrade from the prepaid card if they could give a UK address.

Monzo cannot offer crown dependencies accounts because of Monzo’s UK banking licence doesn’t cover them. Monzo’s banking licence only covers the UK. Monzo would need to apply for a Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Mann banking licence from those dependencies bank authorities to offer accounts in those places.


We know that already from all the previous replies. My question is: “are Monzo talking with the bank authorities already?” / “will they” or has it already been decided that they will not.

It would be nice to know whether to continue to ‘hope’ or just accept that it will never happen for whatever reason.

Your previous post didn’t mention about needing a Jersey (or other dependancy) banking licence and you asked for the reasons why and stated that it was probably a Mastercard issue. I explained the actual reason was the separate banking licences for and from the separate dependancies banking authorities. I apologise if you knew this already.

I think the question you need to ask is, is it cost effective right now to pursue banking licences in 3 different places with very low populations. I think Monzo will get there, but the question is probably later rather than sooner.

I hope someone from Monzo can answer your query.


I think THIS was the question. No need to re-state it and it is one Monzo should be able to answer. @Rika perhaps can point this in the right direction?