Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

Yea yea i see


I didn’t get the icon and investor label.


If you’ve read any of this thread then you’ll know how to sort that!

Thanks, big help

Good. The most recent repetition was only six posts above yours so you must have seen it on the way past. I don’t believe anyone joins a discussion without reading at least the most recent bits.


To be fair your first post wasn’t really constructive either.

If you’re seeking some help, perhaps you could form a polite question and you’ll probably get a better reception :slight_smile:


Hi can you add the investor flair to my profile

image removed due to personal details

@Rkmoverley Reupload that image. It has all your details

Hi, i deleted your image as it had enough personal details to make a scammer very, very happy

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Test, doesn’t work

Have you followed the instructions a few posts up in this discussion?