Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€

(Leigh Coombs) #253

New investor here, lets see if I have the bling


(Matt Jones) #255

Testing to see if I have the flair! I believe my emails are te same…

(Tom Ludd) #256


(Jack) #257

No need to ask for it to be done :rocket:

(Kevin Cheug) #258

Testing Monzo investorπŸ‘

(Max) #259

Testing 123…

(Mark YW Lee) #260

Like everyone else, am testing!

(MikeF) #261

How about we just wait until the update script is run???

(Dean) #263

When will new investors get the investment badge and get added to the Investor forum? :rocket:

(James Wheatley) #264

Badge should appear at some point today, they need to run the script. Not sure on the forum though.

(MikeF) #265

I’m don’t think there is an Investor forum (other than the one this message is posted in that everyone has access to).


Yeah this is the only forum. Monzo are transparent and share everything they can. So not sure what a extra forum will provide?

(Kristian Hoyle-Johnson) #267

Could I please get the flair please? c:

(Ben ) #268

It’ll be coming

(Jonathon) #269

Weirdly excited for that.


Hey there, I don’t think I have the investor badge even though I’ve used the same e-mail address?

(Ben ) #271

Still hasn’t been rolled out yet, expect it soon though :slight_smile:

(Nick) #272

Flairs for new investors will be done in a batch job later*, there’s no need to post here asking for one at this time.

*Exact time not provided; will try and remember to strike out this post once such time has passed.

(Hopefully this will help…)



Haven’t been added to Investor group and missing my badge