Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

I don’t think I have one, and I’ve definitely used the same email :cry:

Edit: Apparently I’m a filthy liar


I agree with that. Maybe :mondo: staff could have a hot coral badge?


Is it big headed of me to like the fact the old one said Mondo crowd funding investor so people knew I was part of the original investment​?:thinking:

Yeah​ it is a bit :joy::joy:


I agree! :slight_smile:
Just anything really, enough to separate them from the, newly created, crowd :joy:

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Just rubbing it in now :frowning:

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Presumably mine will kick in soon?

For some reason the title has disappeared for me and I can’t work out how to get it back. When I go to settings to change title it gives me the option of regular or none. Any ideas?

Was sure that I’d posted before but no, am sure that Tristan or someone on the team will sort us out :smile:

Tristan explains what to do if the title hasn’t been assigned to you, in the first post for this topic.


Yep, let them know. Hoped my post had a dual purpose of reassuring Sam and - secondarily - doing that. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, I think that was fair and your post unnecessarily stand-offish


Can you add me to the group?

Testing 123

I only now joined Monzo forum - can you please add me to the group?

In your opinion the crowd funding round was conducted fairly.
In my opinion you should have counted all potential investors, and then used this number to calculate the maximum amount people were allowed to invest.
Having the honour of a investor badge on your name is now as worthless as having the words lottery winner next to your name. It was just a dice roll
I’m gutted you allowed one community member to donate £1000 instead of one hundred members donate £10.
I was pretty active in the forum and attended a few monzo office feedback sessions bit my forum status reamains pretty basic. Boo


… and then when the Beta period finishes newcomers will complain that they can’t get Alpha/Beta badges?

Even if :monzo: had taken your suggestion into consideration and allowed each member to put in a tenner there is an amount/goal that they would be prepared to raise in return for equity - instead of one person you’d increase the number of investors lets say by your reckoning 100. The likelihood of that covering absolutely everyone who wanted to invest is still pretty low I’d imagine.

Subjectively it’s worth nothing to yourself however I’d imagine that opinion would change if you had a chance to invest yourself? Maybe wait a while for them to explore more avenues to allow more people to invest as you may find yourself swallowing those words. :wink: Hopefully everyone who wants to will get a chance to invest, good luck with any future rounds :+1:


It would be great if they could do another crowdfund right now at the same price but just for £10 / 10 shares per person. Even if 100,000 people took them up on it - it would still only raise £1m and i think still be within the eu rules for funding without a prospectus.

Those who think £10 investment is a waste of time - Tom recently speculated (in alex’s bank collaboration link) that he thinks there is an opportunity for a $500bn marketplace bank. If monzo became that bank £10 today would be worth £30000 at that Googley valuation. And if they went bankrupt you would lose just £10, so a good bet imho :sunglasses:

It would be a really good marketing excercise, but i suspect they are still traumatised from the last two rounds to be getting back on that wagon anytime soon :anguished:


First post. I’m an investor as well. Just created an account because I was curious as to what “perks” we might get. :smiley:
So far so good…

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Apologies if this is the wrong place for this request but how do I get added to the “Investors” group? I don’t appear to have been added manually despite investing and having the same email address for both Monzo / CrowdCube.


Just testing as I’ve only just signed up here.