Losing Investor Status

I tried searching first but couldn’t find anything. I have two blocks of Monzo shares. The main one and a nominal one to prevent dilution.

I planned to keep the nominal one and sell the main one to keep my Investor status but have been asked about selling the nominal one and considering it.

So my question, if you sell all your Crowdcube shares do you lose Investor status? Or is it the same as Alpha and Beta where you keep it because you were involved at the time?

Not sure on the answer, but purely out of interest what makes you want to sell?

So I’m not in as keen a situation as I was for selling but a separation and needing to reorganise finances (mortgage etc.) is the reasoning.

I would like to keep them to IPO (and maybe beyond) but at the right price that money is potentially better spent elsewhere.


If you sell your shares you’re no longer an investor so I guess it would make sense that you lose it :man_shrugging:

However, if it’s anything like flair on the forum I guess there is no automated system that checks with crowdcude? So I’d say as long as you’re quiet about it I’m sure you’ll get to keep the status :wink:


I’d still consider you to be an investor but no longer a shareholder.

Just because you would no longer have the shares it doesn’t take away the fact that you once invested.


That’s my 2p anyway.


What about the person who bought the shares?

Would they be a shareholder, but not an investor?

(Just a thought experiment, not invested in a particular answer)


It would make sense that you would lose your investor status as you are no longer an investor. The person you sell to will then gain whatever privileges you have lost by selling your shares.

Monzo may do things differently though.


Agreed, though I do see the point made by @StuartL.

No as you would be an ex invester. I give up membership of a gentleman’s club so I’m now an ex member does that mean I can still go in and get members privileges? Out of 10 clubs maybe 1 might give you the same privileges for a short while after, the other nine…No dice as if your names not down you can’t come in and rightly so.

How much are you thinking of selling them for?

Any examples of better uses? Are you talking paying off debts and sorting out personal affairs or better ways to invest the money?

Monzo’s share price has grown by over 10% a month over the 52 months since the day they formed the company.

Certainly the past is not a guide to the future, but there is no reason why they can’t continue to grow value.

They are growing so fast and the company value will be too. Try to count how many positions they are hiring for right now:

Careers at Monzo :eyes:

Exactly this. I don’t see any better investment option so if not needing the money I would happily keep hold of them.

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