"Invest in yourself" - marketing for Plus

I just got an email from monzo with that title, basically suggesting I upgrade to Plus so I can enjoy interest payments and the ability to process bigger roundups.

I personally don’t mind it if Monzo include badges, and other screens to promote Plus/Premium, but this is not good.

Monzo did this a while ago if I recall, where they were suggesting people take out loans to fill their saving pots, or something similar? (someone can correct me).

Clearly they haven’t learnt the lesson.

(Edit) I now have a notification in my feed, a pot to the left of my current account with this advertising, AND the email. Picture below:

Yes I’m sure that happened. I won’t correct you, leave that statement there for everyone to see.

As for the notification, you can surely remove that. As you can the email.


It was loan to match pot goal. Which is basically the same as a loan to match the amount you need for something

What’s the problem with this email content?


Which is terrible. Market loans as loans, not abilities to save (because they cost money).

Each to their own and everything, but personally it doesn’t sit well with me. By all means, sell me on the benefits of plus; increased visibility, control etc. But don’t sell me on the ability to ‘save’ more money, doing things that probably won’t negate the cost of having been able to do those things in the first place (interest/advance roundups). It just comes off as a bit desperate and Monzo don’t need to do that kind of stuff - the product is great and should speak for itself.

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That doesn’t sit right with me. It might be factually correct that you have more round-up options. Which you could do manually - without Plus.

But saying ‘give us £5 a month for Plus to get £1.69 a month in interest back so you save up more’ is unethical marketing IMO. I’m surprised there are not industry rules around this kind of marketing.


I see nothing wrong with this advert or the prior loans one.

I think because it’s lending related people believe it to be some kind of bad omen that should never be spoken of - like it never happens and people would never take out a loan or upgrade to Plus for the reasons they listed :confused:

If they used one line that said ‘you want money, we got money’ people would pick holes in it.

They’d be saying things like. If Monzo have money to spare they should invest in being more carbon neutral, or give to the poor and so on…

If I wasn’t a fan or interested, I’d just delete the email and move on. Job done.

I am curious though. What lesson are they supposed to have learned? All I saw was some people on here debating it. Did more happen that I missed?

Yeah, I think the learning was, “take out loans or buy financial products from us, which won’t help your financial situation, but will help ours, under the guise of helping your financial situation”, surprisingly didn’t sit well with customers.

Did I miss a poll?


I don’t think so, but you probably also missed Monzo withdrawing the marketing pretty quickly given the outcry on the forum.

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I do feel like they should have put “Monzo could help you reach your savings goals sooner” rather than saying it does, because surely that is based on how we use it?

Out of interest, are you opted out of marketing?

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No I haven’t, because usually I’m happy to receive their marketing and updates. I use Monzo for every part of my financial life, I couldn’t think higher of them, but this stuff switches me right off.

You seem to be mixing up your opinion with facts.

So you want marketing, but you also don’t want marketing. Seems legit.

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Just recalling history.

Would you have been less bothered if it had just been one of the three approaches? I can see why receiving it in three different ways would be annoying - especially if it’s something you aren’t interested in.

But incorrectly, that’s the point.

I did. Have you got a link please?

I don’t want marketing that’s morally questionable from a bank which does its utmost to present itself as the morale bank that’s out to actually help people.

But it’s clear this thread is already becoming another of the, “we community don’t want to listen to criticism about Monzo and so will shout down your pretty obvious points”, so have a good evening!

Interesting. Perhaps you could indulge me as to how I’m incorrect?

Please don’t be that guy.

You’ve started a discussion and asked for opinions. Don’t expect people to not ask questions or have an opinion that differs from yours.