Cashback on Loans promotion

Just received a notification:

Clicking takes me through to:

Is this new? I don’t need a loan sadly.

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Quite recent but not new. Basically earn up to your Plus/Premium annual cost for taking a loan.

Not available to standard customers.

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We were considering a home improvement loan to improve the efficiency of our home for winter. No notification for me yet though :frowning:

You shouldn’t need to wait for it, it was in the plus menu if I remember correctly.

Oh so it is! :open_mouth: Thank you

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Bear in mind that you can get cheaper loans elsewhere, even taking the cashback into account.


Yep I know. I’ve had a Monzo loan before and it honestly is such a slick system with understanding how much you owe, interest, number of payments, when and how much etc, that it pretty much gamified the overpayments process for me to see how much I could chip off my monthly payments.

I don’t think they were far off cost wise and I saved a bunch in interest from paying it off early too.


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