"Invest in yourself" - marketing for Plus

But it was marketed as a loan

I need to borrow x amount to have the amount I need

No, it’s the message.

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Super charging my roundups didn’t make the top ten this year? That’s crazy.

So much angst and passive agressiveism from people who should really know better - all about an opinion they disagree with. Chill out.


That’s all this community is now, especially if criticising Monzo.

@Ordog, please see link below:




If I’m honest I can see what the OP means here - I don’t think signing up for £5 a month premium account makes you get to your savings goals faster - okay so advance roundups might help but only if they offset the £5 you pay as well.

I don’t think I’d go as far as to say it’s unethical, but I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibilities of seeing how this can be taken. Nothing to get defensive on either side about, just opinions and reasons why!


I can see the point about interest, that’s a bit silly


That too, for sure. It’s not even possible to make the £5 fee up in interest so you’ll never, ever save faster doing that.

Advance roundups I can see how Monzo are playing that one, but I do have to agree with the OP a little in that it’s… on icy grounds at best.

I suppose I mostly just want to allow people to differ in opinions in a nice and civilised manner :slight_smile:


Bigger round ups are a nonsense product.

I round up via Moneybox - up to the nearest pound collecting via DD so when I track my spending I know every transaction at say £1.71 is really £2 and I note it accordingly.

Makes no sense when it doubles the round up.


People do the 1p challenge to save others do bigger round ups, they may not be for you but it can be useful for others, its still a valid product, just not one that appeals to you. I am not keen on moneybox because of the potential fee’s but I am not going to say its a “nonsense product” its just not for me.

I think they missed a trick by not putting in details about virtual cards linked to pots to help hive money for bills away to help manage spending.

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They’re talking about this, which happened:

Edit: Oh, I see it’s already been pointed out. Ignore me.