Introducing the new Monzo Plus

See i have this issue anyway as they don’t round up all transactions :frowning:

I don’t know, are we? How do we complain???

Sorry if already asked, but what is the use of the virtual cards? Greater online security?

Pretty much that exactly

Disappointing again to be honest… the google sheets thing is already possible with IFTTT?

Seeing other bank accounts… I know we could already see credit cards but why have you made that better and paywalled it?

Virtual cards, okay cool… but what about using them on Apple/google pay?

Custom categories really shouldn’t be something you pay for

Monzo was made to make budgeting and improving your financial health, so paying to view your credit score is a bit… hmm contradictory?

The rewards are terrible…

Free cash deposit a month is cool, as I only deposit cash I get from birthday and Christmas

Do we keep the “investor” on our plus cards? :disappointed:

Since this is a mobile bank, having mobile insurance would be nice

Overall, quite disappointing again… something I’d maybe pay for to support monzo but not for personal gain.


Think of them as being ‘disposable’, so if you’re signing up to a site to buy something and you’re not sure about it, throw it on there.

It’ll come into its own when you’re able to assign them to a pot - so you can have an “uber” pot for example.

It tells you on their page

Yes, it’s on the back.

They really should have done the top up amount in monetary value not on the amount of top ups

For instance you can get £900 cash withdrawals and deposits with Monese on the Classic plan.

Given Monzo are very liberal with having cash machine withdrawals unlimited, a bit more flexibility with a paywalled deposit subscription would have been good.

You can’t add the virtual card to Google pay?

No, you can’t.

For everybody who’s asked about what happens to the Plus Card if you cancel. Seems like all the responses on here have you been wrong.

If you read the terms and conditions, 14 days after you press cancel, your Monzo Plus Card will be cancelled and you’ll be sent a normal card.


You could set up a custom IFTTT integration to work out the difference between the Monzo Double round up and do the rest.

I mean you could do that anyway without Plus but shhhhh

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@tomdavies The package is very impressive and a great start, especially the free cash deposit. Are they any plans to bring the magic to joint accounts? :slight_smile:

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Yea, there was a staff post earlier saying that you lose everything.

Not great then, as you can do that elsewhere for free…

I saw that post but continued to see people say they’ll keep the card after

The only feature i’m interested in is custom categories and splitting transacations. I thought these would be rolled out to the regular account but guess not.

The problem with starting a challenger bank that’s selling point is the richness of its features is that charging for those features seems like a tough sell outside of the die-hard fans/users.


FAQ for new people, and have updated it slightly…

*it is archived so should you come back, everything will return

This also caught me by surprise, but it was a nice touch :slight_smile:

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