Introducing the Monzo Business Card... Again! 💳

Yay! Almost spent on the business card by accident at the weekend. I assume as you were previously using non-business chips etc, the replacement cards will also have to have a new PAN? Is that the case? I’ve been limiting the places I’ve got the card details stored just in case…

Hey Chris :wave:

Hope you’re doing great, and business is going well!

You’ve got it all pretty much bang on - your new business debit card (as soon as it’s ready) will have a new 16 digit card number - which will include a new BIN (that’s the first 8 digits) - for use with business accounts :blush:


Is there likely to be acceptance issues similar to when monzo first launched its current account due to this new BIN?


Yes, not sure why a bank would want to go anywhere near Facebook. Who uses FB nowadays? It’s full of scams and spam, and the company itself has a terrible reputation for invading privacy. I can’t see the videos which are hosted there on this page either, I can see the twitter one though.

Card itself looks nice, glad to see it is a different colour and that Monzo listened to its users there. What is with that expiry date position though? Surely it’s not mandated that it must almost butt up to the name directly below it?


Yes but it should be significantly better this time around.

Mastercard have done a lot of work since the original Monzo debit cards launched on getting acquirers and merchants to either remove BIN whitelists or update their tables significantly more frequently. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just logged in to move funds this morning and the card on the account screen is a silver business card. Does this mean that we’re able to order replacement cards for the business account now? @Rika @jackcully?

Just noticed this on my account too! Hmmmmmm.

Morning @projectfortytwo & @Termy!

If you’re both on iOS, you can! Just freeze your card, then order a replacement, and you’ll get a Pebble Grey card in the post :star_struck:

We’re just finishing up a few bits and bobs on Android to make sure this is reliable on that side too, and should be ready in the next week or two :ok_hand:


…Bah. Android here.


Me too :frowning:

So sorry :sob:

We’ll let you know as soon as you can get one!


Just came very close to buying a goat leg with the business card rather than joint account card. Not sure I’d have got that that past the accountant. Looking forward to a different colour :slight_smile:


So many questions… :thinking:



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Roast leg for Sunday lunch, cooked low and slow.

Used to buy the whole animal “on the hoof” when I worked in the Middle East… Came home one day to find our cook had dinner ready and there was a pan on the table. Lifted the lid to find the skull grinning at us from a pool of brainy sludge with added… goat testicles. “Abdul, what’s this?” “Soup.”


That would have been the exact second I would have gone vegetarian


After a 12 hour working day it was tasty enough!


Hi @jackcully, any news on whether we can now order new business cards in the Android app? Also, will they have the business name on them or not, as if so our full business name creates a problem (length) compared to our trading name.

Thanks, Chris

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Hey Chris! :wave:

You beat me to the update! This is now available - if you replace your card, you’ll receive a Pebble Grey one :blush:

Your trading name should appear on the card, too!


Thanks Jack - Monzo appears to be down at the moment?