Introducing our new neon cards! 👀

I got a bright pink card in the end (well, I fell for the temptation :joy: )

Perhaps self predicted though, I told my wife and she said "wait, you ordered a bank card just because it was a bright colour, what are you, 12? " :laughing:


No exclusive Team Sunshine membership for you! :frowning_face:


For me it depends. The old postman I had before this one always came at this time (10am ish) then the one after that used to come 4pm-7pm but the current one is around 1pm

If you contact the company they should refund the delivery cost, if any.
In the event their was no delivery fee and some places even give good Will gestures.

Random for me - anywhere between 10:00 and 14:00. Fingers crossed, anyway…

Did some one say plushies… :eyes:

a tiny octopus, friend of hot chip.


Just rubbing it in at this point :wink:


I almost didn’t dare to share this for fear of being in danger.

but what a happy group and colour palette.


My postie just came, no disco me for today :disco:

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:disappointed: maybe someone else will be the lucky one?

It might depend where you’re located too! If you are around the corner from where they’re printed and posted from it’ll more likely arrive quicker than it will if it’s going across the uk

So why does the neon card not have embossed numbers?


I get post twice a day :wink:

A pre 10 and then a pre 2. Both letters and it always happens :man_shrugging:

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Post man been, went to every house apart from mine. :disappointed:

I’m sorry this just isn’t true at all.
Embossed cards are not any more accessible.

You don’t “read” the embossed numbers with your fingers, that’s why braille was invented.
A cut out or the chip helps orientate the card.
The bright colour is much more likely to help with identification in a wallet, and your joint account card already has bumps to differentiate it.

The embossed numbers are purely a hangover from the days of copying the card details with a swipe machine.

Don’t use accessibility as an excuse. If it really was an accessibility thing, your new cards would have it too.


That Monzo plushie must be 10ft tall!


Wanna trade for a life size pikachu to match your new sunshine yellow card? :wink:

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Hey friends :wave:

Here I am, once again… obsessing over every word I type here because I know that @Revels will turn anything and everything I write into a meme… :eyes: Let’s see how this one goes :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to say that we were completely overwhelmed with the response from you all!

Because so many of you engaged with the initial mystery thread, we actually ended up doubling the allocation of cards we set aside for you! Thank you so much @alandoe for messaging each person individually to make sure we didn’t miss any of you :pray:

Here’s something fun – we saw the number of active Community members treble during the hype and the number of posts went through the roof (556 in one day - that’s a lot! I do hope no one was ignoring their day job… :eyes:).

It’s also been so great seeing users return to the Community from months ago and even years in some cases. We love discussion on this forum, and the more people here the bigger and better the discussion can be :pray:

You should all now have got your notification. If you were expecting one, but haven’t got one, let us know and we’ll take a look. Let us know what you thought of the ordering process too.

We also want to let you know we’ve taken on your feedback on Premium and our neon cards. Well now waive the replacement fee for a Premium metal card once your neon card expires, so if you do want a neon card but are stuck on the choice – you can get a neon card and know you can get a metal replacement after it expires, if you’d like.


It was Quick and Effective.

Just simply tapped on the notification that brought up a screen asking me to select which card I want. I went with the beautiful :sunshine: then it asked to confirmed my address and name and it was done!

Now I’m hoping it all arrives ok :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks so much, as ever, for all your work @jackcully and @AlanDoe!

Can’t wait to get my :sunshine: through the post!

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The interface was really great - kudos to all the teams that worked on designing the workflow from notification to order.