Introducing: Monzo Socials 🗣

(Tony) #21

I live in Manchester and I’m all HUH!? :eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are these even venues??

(lewis oconnor) #22

so dogs and dough is like a pizza and doughnut place thats underground near town hall, 17 below is underneath dogs n dough ans is full of loads of old arcade machines and 2 pool tables, check it out sometime!

(Eve) #23

If it’s at the Frog and Bucket Mackie Mayor is literally next door! I think y’all should go :eyes:

@Lewisoc I had no idea those places existed😅


Rudy’s is the best pizza place in Manchester there 2, original on ancoates and just opened in the great Northern. If you’ve never been, try it ! You will not be disappointed!!!

(Naji Esiri) #25

We are!

(Andre Borie) #26


(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #27

(Foxy) #28

Sounds good, see you in London!

(Caspar Aremi) #29

This sounds only marginally less awkward than saying "hey! I use Monzo too’ to a stranger at the tube gates (which I almost did again today when the person at the gate next to me used Monzo on Apple Pay to tap in). But as its at a venue where there’s alcohol available I’m sure it’ll be fine after the first hour…


Unfortunately I’m unable to find an emoji that conveys my emotion.

However, if free alcohol is a thing, I might buy a ticket to Manchester…

(Eve) #31

I second this!! The last time Monzo came to Manchester in March(?) they got pizza from Crazy Pedros, which was a solid choice :+1:t3: it’s second only to Rudy’s! Oh yes and I got to take a full huge pizza home :raised_hands:t3::fire:


Walk paste the pub that hosts Pedros everyday, and always tempted to give it a try but some of the pizzas sound too crazy for even me ! ha

(Eve) #33

They have a pizza that is literally a Big Mac in pizza form and I wax lyrical about it to anyone who will listen :heart_eyes: go during their 1-for-1 offer and get the massive sharing ones. It’s too expensive otherwise


I was in NYC at the time Burger King launched the Pizza Burger - It sounded (and looked amazing).

Tasted… meh! Not sure it was worth the calories :joy:

(Eve) #35

I would post a picture of the big mac pizza from Crazy P’s but it doesn’t look that great. It tastes really good thankfully! You ought to try when you’re in town



I see what you mean… :stuck_out_tongue:


So many of you thinking of going to Manchester?

(Jack) #38

Not for me :slightly_frowning_face: now they have an office in Cardiff I hope they host more events my way. It’s actually quicker for me to travel to London events than Manchester surprisingly.


But London Vs Manchester, I know what wins ha ha

(Jack) #40

The option that isn’t there which is Cardiff :grin: