Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Pretty sure Monzo work on UTC?

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Would there be a need for a UK bank to work on a different timezone?


In the summer months, yes.

Or rather, if they are adamant in sticking to a single time zone year round UTC+1(BST) would be the better one to use in my view. And alter their processing times to accommodate.

I think most of those in favour of wanting to abolish the tradition of changing the clocks twice a year (I am one of these) would rather BST be the one we keep (I’m indifferent).


As long as we rename it GMT. There is something nostalgic about calling it Greenwich Mean Time.

I know, silly old bugger! R-


I need a refund in store for an item I bought with Flex, is this straightforward?

Update on this earlier post. Over the weekend that £55 cash advance became a £139 cash advance as the merchant has now refunded the duplicate transaction, but the £55 Flex balance hasn’t automatically settled and Monzo’s £88 chargeback refund is still in my account too.

I sent a message via chat about this on Saturday and I still haven’t heard back. I know I can fix the Flex bit myself, but I figured it would be useful for the team to see what’s happened so they can make the process better for others in the future.


None of us can speak for whatever retailer it is to be fair. When they need a card to refund an item, just hand over your usual Monzo card and see what happens. Generally a shop assistant isn’t going to check the card matches, they just ask you to input it into the reader so they can send the money back.

Not sure how Flex handles a refund though when done through a shop. I’d suspect you’d have to contact chat and let them do something to remove it from Flex once the refund is confirmed in the feed.

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Don’t you pose risk of missed payment to your credit file for non payment if you’re depending on Monzo or whoever to fix something neither is holding their hands up to?

Surely it makes sense to settle any outstanding amounts from a stubbornness point of view considering you say you have the funds to do so, and then wait for this to be resolved naturally?

Okay fair enough, will report back :grinning:

No, that would only happen if my monthly instalment date came around and I didn’t have the funds available to cover the instalment.

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I’m still waiting despite signing up to the waiting list on the first day… What a joke…


Just joined the waiting list.

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Same, still waiting 🥲

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I just used my Flex virtual card for the first time.
Worked great. Would be nice to see the VC transaction in my main feed, I think. But other than that, I’m happy with it.

It’s a much better way of using Flex than the original way.

But still nice to have the flexibility to go back 2 weeks and flex a transaction if you really needed the cash for some reason.

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Technically UTC isn’t a timezone it’s a reference time that everything else is measured against. GMT is UTC+0.

It would make no sense internally to use anything else if they want to communicate with other countries without issues… the humans yes they’ll use timezones, but the computers don’t care whether it’s dark at 9am so just use the same time worldwide.

(It gets more complex when you’re coding, because APIs seem to randomly talk about GMT and UTC because GMT was the standard when the earliest stuff was designed… as a programmer I just mentally translate them to the same without thinkin but I’ve had people get really upset that I would do that and insist they’re completely different…).

A side effect of this is lots of systems when setup to tick to the next day at 12am either do it at 12am or 1am depending on the time of year… 99% of the time nobody notices this…

Another one that (probably, although I haven’t tried on 11) still works. On Windows create a file, change your date to summer/winter depending on when you did the first file. The timestamp on the file will have shifted one hour (timestamps are stored as UTC but the display functions are stupid and apply the current DST offset not the one valid when the file was created).

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Just coming to add to the vote of, it be nice to pay off the next month’s instalment early, much like you can do with a Monzo loan.

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Has anyone else found that when you edit an installment plan the next Flex payment at the bottom of the screen is wrong? On that screen it seems to show what my payment would be in January, but if i go to the Manage tab it shows my next payment amount as the one in December. Both just say “next payment” though.

It would be nice to be able to split a flex payment. Can’t remember if this has been requested earlier in the thread.

I bought some tickets using my Flex VC, because the other person can’t pay me back till next month, but it would be nice to split it rather than send a separate request.

I suppose the work around is to pay on a normal card, split the transaction and then Flex it, but I wanted to try the VC out.

Even better would be and optional trigger to repay the flex amount when a split payment for the transaction comes in - can think of scenarios where this wouldn’t be needed though - so an option in the incoming payment would be neat.

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Flex payments from pots? Is that gonna be a thing?

Sorry if it’s already been touched upon. It’s a long thread and I don’t recall seeing it.

I might be about to say the same thing as the post above me (sorry, I can’t tell if you mean the repayments come from pots?).

But is it possible to flex a payment I’ve made from a pot? I’ve virtual cards set up for some pots, if I make a payment for something here that’s not on the ‘not allowed’, should I then be able to flex it? I can’t see the option.