Refunds for purchases made with Flex?


Quick question. I’ve been told that a purchase I’ve made using Flex (my first :grimacing:) is to be refunded in X working days.

I was wondering how this will work with the Flex experience - will that purchase be paid off? Or will the £ end up in my main account or something else?

I’m not in a sticky situation either way, but just keen to know how this side of it works before I use it again - I’ve checked Help section and googled this, but come up with nothing so far.

I’ve posted about this previously. Neither the refund from the chargeback nor the refund from the merchant closed my Flex agreement.

It means you’re effectively given a cash advance in your main balance that you can either pay back monthly or immediately.

I’ve asked Monzo to take a look at this via chat, but we’re at 9 days now and I’m still yet to get a response from a specialist.


I cancelled a amazon flex order and money was refunded instantly to my account and the flex plan closed automatically with "paid off " status , and the 1st payment I made was transferred back to my current account automatically ,


Good to know, thank you (hadn’t spotted your post as I just looked at thread titles and not used to this system :sweat_smile:)

Doesn’t seem like a bad outcome, but seems odd - I would have thought having it set like this would open the system to abuse somehow.

Its funny you say that because I’ve heard back from chat now and the response pretty much amounted to ‘lol, sort it out yourself mate’.

So in my mind, I’m a Premium customer and I get paid interest on my balance. So of course I’m going to keep the money in a pot until it’s due back. Why wouldn’t I?


This Christmas I’ve used the Flex system to get a small cash advance by splitting a payment over 12 payments with Curve Credit and then again with Monzo Flex. I’m only able to do this because refunds from a flex purchase don’t repay the balance.