Introducing Discobot (tutorial for using this site) 🤖

When the latest version of Discourse (the technology that this forum was built with) was released last month, the creators added a bot called @discobot which walks users through tutorials explaining how the site works.

I’ve now completed the tutorials (it genuinely did teach me a few things) & they give a really good overview of how the site works, explaining things like quoting, creating polls, writing emoji etc. so I’d really recommend it to anyone who hasn’t used a Discourse site before.

There’s two tutorials, one for new users & one for advanced users. To try them, create a message (click your profile picture :arrow_upper_right: > :envelope: > New Message) & add Discobot as the user you’re messaging. Put whatever you want to in the subject & make the message either:

@discobot start new user or @discobot start advanced user.

When you complete the tutorials you get a Certified badge (new user tutorial) & Licensed badge (advanced user tutorial) & a certificate that looks like this :yey:

You won’t be able to complete this question, as the feature’s been disabled in this comminity -

so just reply with skip & if you search for “capy​bara” & no results are found, scroll to the very top of your messages to load the original posts, then try again…

Edit - it looks like the welcome message has now been overriden by the team which means that this bit of text is missing from the 1st message that you receive in the beginner tutorial -

but if you bookmark the first message, you will still be able to continue the tutorial.

If you run into any other issues, just leave comment here :slight_smile:


@alexs - Just a heads up, it appears the user tutorials aren’t working anymore. If you try and send a message to @discobot you’re just told that the user doesn’t exist.

It’s @monzobot now.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @monzobot display help.

Switch ‘disco’ for ‘monzo’ and it should work

Cheers all, didn’t realise that had changed!