Introducing…Archived Pots! ✨

Have you ever wanted to revive a Pot you archived? Perhaps you’ve wanted to download a statement for a Pot you previously archived? Well now you can do just that! You’ll soon be able to see Pots you’ve archived, as well as unarchive and download statements for them.

Just tap on your profile photo at the top left to go to your Accounts list. Then tap the ‘Edit’ icon in the top right, you’ll see ‘Archived Pots’ at the bottom. You’ll be taken to a screen showing all the Pots you’ve ever archived. You can then tap on each Pot to unarchive or download a statement.

You won’t be able to unarchive Savings Pots, but you can always set up a new one.

We’re starting our rollout today and everyone should have access to them in the next few weeks. Archived Pots will also be available for everyone with a Joint Account or a Business Account. We’re super keen to hear what you think and let us know if you have any questions!


Awesome Welles

Phew! :relieved: :sweat_smile:

Just checked and it’s not here for me yet but I look forward to trying it out.

Not sure I knew you could archive a pot though. Learn something new every day

Will this show me pots I deleted before?


I always thought I deleted a pot I didn’t want anymore.

Another nice addition :+1:

You need to press the archive pot button so I think it’s different

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Oh no, more choices to make!

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Stupid choices

Why won’t someone just tell me what to do!

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We decided to change the terminology we use around deleting a Pot to make this feature clearer. Instead of deleting a Pot, you’ll now archive one and unarchive one…much like you would with an email. Sorry for the confusion! But yes, this will essentially show all the Pots you’ve deleted in the past. :+1:


I would hope that you just delete a pot and it then goes into archived pots which is like the recycling bin on your computer.

From there you can keep them or delete them permanently.

Edit: Beaten to it by the above comment :smiley:


No apologies necessary

Cool cool. Thanks

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Great feature!

A separate question @edwoollard but your screenshot shows other accounts above joint account…

This is something I’d love! And ideally to just freely arrange all accounts in whatever order I’d like.

Can android people already move other accounts above joint or is this a possible future feature or just a fake mock up? :eyes:


Ah good spot! :eye: Unfortunately that’s just a mistake in the design. Other Accounts only appear below your Personal and Joint Accounts. You can only modify the ordering of Other Accounts inside their own section.


Is there a maximum number of pots you can have archived?

Great work :sunglasses:

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Out of interest, how does this impact things like Google Sheets export? It sounds like it has the same effect as deleting, so funds should be equally visible and searchable in Google Sheets.

I’ve also just realised that pot names don’t need to be unique, which I’ve never considered before now.

Sad :slightly_frowning_face:

I have my joint with my partner for household bills etc. It runs entirely on scheduled transactions and I nearly never need to look at it. Would really love to move it down the list/hide it :blush:

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Thanks for the feedback around that! I can totally understand why that would be frustrating. We’ll keep that in mind. :pray:


Nope, there’s no maximum number of Pots that you can have archived at the moment.

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Yeah no changes to Google Sheets exports as we’re just giving you a place to see your Pots you previously deleted. :slightly_smiling_face:

And you’re correct, Pot names don’t need to be unique since we give them all their own unique identifier anyway.

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