Bring back the ability to delete pots

This may just be me but I can’t seem to delete pots anymore it only allows me to archive them
I’m sure you could delete them before it would be cool if you could bring this back

You archive them to delete them.

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You archived them before even though it said ‘delete’. Nothing in banking is deleted permanently - it all needs to be kept as a record visible by either you or the bank.

Monzo has since changed the wording and given you the ability to see them. It’s the same thing really, except you can now restore one if you like.

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All deleted pots in archive. You can find “deleted” pots there… they just renamed function

Pots can’t be ‘deleted’ because they contribute to Statements (financial transactions between an account and a temporary location - a ‘pot’)

And Statements… erm… state the use of pots which are linked to your accounts.

I’ll take a guess here - archived pots will remain archived for at least 7 years so there is an audit trail on where the money came from and went to.

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