Options to delete Pot not Archive

Please my banking app is cluttered with unwanted pots please provide options to delete , i want to delete not archive

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You can archive them, which is the same thing.


Monzo cannot delete pots in your archived folder as they need to keep a legal record of where money has moved in, around and out of your account and pots.

Archiving them, as @Revels states, will unclutter your main screen.

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The options are there.

Go to your pot.

Click Edit

Click the bin icon, top right.

Click Archive Pot

It will now disappear from your screen and be hidden in the Archive section at the bottom of your list of hidden pots.

delete and archive are to separate thing

When you “delete” a pot it is archived.

Monzo has changed the terminology now

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They aren’t, but you said you don’t want it cluttered, so archive them. Then they are out the way and never seen.

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