International Transfers

I need to transfer money to an account in The Philippines that has no sort code, just a longer acc number. How can I do this?

Your best bet may be using this service:

This is who Monzo recommend for international transfers at the moment.


Please see the roadmap, International Transfers and IBAN are in short-term targets, stating “up to 6 months” period.

Considering that this particular one was placed in short-term 11 months ago, one would have thought it will be introduced soon.

But of course, no need to rush if the product is incomplete, I would gladly wait and see a perfectly working function than having a rushed one.

I find Revolut generally gives a better rate (excluding weekends).

Revolut requires the SWIFT/BIC code, though, while Transferwise can do with just bank name and account number I think.

Ooooo interesting - Never knew that (rarely have a need to use either to be fair - I was just comparing exchange rates).

To be fair: if you know the bank name a quick Google search can find the swift/BIC…

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It’s on our Big List, and coming very soon!

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Oh, even outside SEPA?

I assume initially SCT and SWIFT, but do Monzo plan to break the mould and directly link to other national or pan-national networks?

I’m not going to lie, I should probably learn a bit about international transfers …

I don’t know :see_no_evil:


Will their SEPA integration be SCTinst and SCT compatible from day one or just a basic SCT integration with a later iteration to SCTinst?



I expect Monzo will go for SCTinst from day one, I just put that in as a joke after your comment about not knowing much about the subject :rofl:

Can you find out? Would be curious to know which payment schemes/networks/whatever will be supported from the get go.

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I’m not in work until Friday :see_no_evil: @HughWells, @simonb pls


Just to help you out since the acronyms are a bit horrid:

Essentially instant transfers up to 15000EUR 24/7 365days/year. Something like the Faster Payment scheme in UK.

And 366days/year every time there is a summer Olympics :rofl:

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MYPOS EUROPE LTD and TRANSFERWISE LIMITED from the UK are already participating in the scheme.

That’s not quite true: If the summer Olympics take place in a year that is exactly divisible by 100, then it’ll only operate on 365 days during that year, unless that year is also divisible by 400, in which case they’ll operate on 366 days again.

(Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself)