Inbound EUR Payment Failed

First of all before you say it, I am fully aware that inbound payments from international banks are not fully supported.

I use Transferwise to receive EUR payments because I know it’s reliable and it works. To save on fees I use international option to send the money to my Monzo IBAN (it’s a flat 0.63EUR fee as opposed to the standard slightly more expensive fee structure if converted to GBP).
I’ve sent quite a few payments from Transferwise (Handelsbank DE) to my Monzo account with no issues, in fact the latest was last Wednesday, however my transfer yesterday failed (screenshot below).

What I need to know is:
Was this simply a one-off/bug and should I just attempt the transfer again?
Or has something changed/been broken over the last few days that means this will no-longer work until Monzo officially support international transfers?

Update: sent it again and it worked, I guess something went wrong on Monzo’s end. Strange.

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