Interest earned incorrect on 1st of the month

Issue: looking at the IASP, the interest calculation is incorrect for the 1st of the month as the amount shown is for the previous month but the labels have already updated.

OS: iOS 16.4
Device: iPhone 13 Pro Max
App Version: 5.18.0


Unless I have ~53k in the pot that I don’t know about :rofl:


Had the interest been paid to you yet when you took this screenshot?

It shows correctly for me:


Fine for me. When did you check this? Very close to midnight?

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Mine is fine too

Check after midnight but before 3am … either way the month label / amount shown is incorrect :wink:

It’s showing correctly now, now that their batch processes have finished.

Microservices, please! :joy:

Monzo uses UTC, while the rest of the country put the clocks forward last weekend.

Ignoring the timezone difference. The amount shown is still incorrect for ~2 hours.