Starling + Yoyo integration

Hey guys, just read this article. This seems like exactly the kind of thing Monzo could do in their partnerships, I’d love to be able to integrate Quidco for example:

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Sorry not related to integration but I thought I just share this yoyo/Monzo experience. I use Caffe Nero app, a few weeks ago payments via Nero app were coming up as Yoyo which is obviously their processor but now Monzo seems to be getting more data from them because it’s still processing through Yoyo but now it actually comes up as Nero on the feed. No location data though.


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Interesting that the merchant ID is Yoyo Caffe Nero as well, hard to say whether the detection was Monzo, or Yoyo updated their system to be more/less transparent

Are Starling going through these forums pilfering ideas? Here’s me on YoYo 14 months ago.

Fairly sure that there are ‘infiltrators’ on both sides :slight_smile: nothing nefarious, mind, but know your enemy and all that…