Integration with Amex

(Jonathon) #101

That would be fairly awesome. I assume iOS can’t read the notification from American Express?

(Sam) #102

From what @Josdaw has said above I don’t think it’s possible on iOS using IFTTT. It might be possible using some other method, but I’m Full Android unfortunately so can’t test.


This all looks epic - Top work @Josdaw!

As a heavy Amex user, I’d love to use this, but I never hold much money in my current account (it’s always transferred as soon as I’m paid to a savings account, and then transferred out from the savings account at the end of the month to pay the bill).

But, it looks like it’s one step closer to everything being automated!

(Jun Siang Cheah) #104

I have these two applets to add my Amex transactions to my Amex pot.

(Joshua Dawson) #105

Try importing the shortcut from here:

Make sure there’s no spaces or anything in your key and remember that it’ll be case sensitive. Besides that I’m not sure what it could be…

(Joshua Dawson) #106

This kicks ass! Automate all the things!

(Sam) #107

That’s exactly what I did! :sweat_smile:

(Dan) #108

So that actually worked. I noticed my IFTTT key changed. Also I notice the shortcut you shared included a variable: VarMaker, which I didn’t see in the guide. Was that potentially an issue?

(Joshua Dawson) #109

Potentially something key related then.

varMaker was an additional one I had to put into this amended version so I could cater for different event names (I.e. amex_monzo) when you import it. The original doesn’t have it in there.

Glad it’s all working now!

(Daniel Edwards) #110

I freaking love this and I’m setting it up when I get home :drooling_face:


Amazing! I had a hunch that would work, great to see how to do it.

We really need a “how to” place to store all these useful hacks…

(jo) #112

I have copied exactly these apps (although for the sheets app I designated the app name as ‘Google Pay’) but it is not working. I have received two Google Pay notifications for amex since setting them up and no lines have been added to my spreadsheet - any advice?

Thank you!

(Sam) #113

There are various things you can try to isolate where it’s failing. First you could try and change the app to WhatsApp (or any other app that you get lots of notifications from) and see if that is writing lines to the spreadsheet - if so there must be an issue with reading the Google Pay notifications. If another app doesn’t work either, it might be a problem with your connection to Google Sheets. To test this, create a new applet that sends you an SMS rather than writes a line to a Sheet, whenever notifications from a certain app are received. If that works, reading the notifications is fine but you’ll need to work out why the connection to Sheets is failing.

Feel free to PM if you need any further advice.

(Jun Siang Cheah) #114

If you had changed the App Name from Google Play services to Google Pay, that’s the issue.

(Martin Anderson) #115

AWESOME. :slight_smile:


Quick q - how trustworthy is IFTTT considering they have access to your Monzo data? I’m not trolling (honest!), just wondering how much they can be trusted in this regard. It’s not using the OpenBanking APIs so there’s a risk here of data loss.

(Dan) #117

The fact that Monzo have their own site within IFTTT suggests that Monzo is happy with the trustworthiness level of IFTTT.

(Rob McKenzie) #118

After the fiasco at Curve and the subsequent negative reaction by customers I think it best to steer clear from any integration with Amex. I don’t think Amex would be interested either.

(Sam) #119

I don’t think any Monzo integration with Amex would be seen in the same way. The general gist of this thread is that people would like to see their Amex spending within Monzo, possibly with any money spent on the Amex set aside automatically, and possibly paid off automatically too. Amex already allow integration with services like Yolt, so I can’t see why they’d be against this. If anything, it would encourage me to spend more on my Amex than I do at present.

(Rob McKenzie) #120

As I said, I don’t believe Amex would be interested and I would steer clear of them.