Integration with Amex

(Tom Cohen) #21

If you figure out how to do this, please let us know! This would be amazing.

(Jiten Yagnik) #22

Much like money dashboard, I would love it if my Monzo account could link up with my American Express card, so that I can keep track of my spending better.

(Jack) #23

Hey , hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here where there’s existing talks about American Express intergration. Feel free to carry on the discussion :slight_smile:


Ahh agree 100% I have mentioned this before on the community. It’ll be great, similar to how Google Pay have integrated it, but building into the Monzo Summary (and Pots!) will be ideal.

(MikeF) #25

I’m never clear if this is the sort of thing Monzo actually want to do or not.

Clearly they’re not fussed at keeping all of our money within their own borders (see interest bearing pots), but does that extend to tracking spending on other accounts where they’ll get no income?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #26

I think spending data is quite valuable, especially if it feeds into Marketplace referrals.

Hence why Barclays and HSBC do it now.


On the contrary, having them automatically maintain a pot (by tracking transactions) that I can use to pay off my Amex charge card at the end of the month would mean I’m more inclined to have my income deposited with Monzo.

I guess there’s no reason it has to be Amex specific - something that could track transactions from other providers and move money around/between pots would be useful generically. At least, I think so!

(…and yes, IFTTT is a thing, but I think it’s far more likely Monzo will integrate with Amex than Amex integrating with IFTTT!)

(Gio) #28


(Matt) #29

Love this idea!

Monzo’s proposition would be invaluable to me if they looked at solving these sorts of use cases. Multiple connected entities working seamlessly together will beat any single platform trying to one-up another any day IMO.

(Ben Talbot) #30

I saw that and thought it was real for a moment. Had a mini heart attack xD :sweat_smile:

(Lewis King) #31

This is exactly how I use my Amex with pots. I would LOVE this.


I’d actually get an AmEx card if this happened. To replace my Halifax credit card. I’m fed up with how awkward it is to see how much I’ve spent on it and how much is due when. And that’s with a DD setup. :man_facepalming:


This please!!


Do we think that Amex would be up for anything like this? Have they done anything similar / had partnerships with banks before?

(Jack) #35

I was looking for this the other day and couldn’t find it! Thanks for sharing again :raised_hands:t3:

(Jack) #36

Ultimately it could work like any aggregation app but monzo just move the funds. Not sure if they’d need agreements from Amex.


Just wait for the first aggregator that becomes a payment initiation service provider and you’ll get this.

(Dan Baker) #38

I would love this too, and the mockup looks great, exactly how I would like it to be implemented.

(Alex) #39

Another one chiming in to say I would LOVE this feature!


I like it!
With other banks now showing the accounts of other providers inside their services, hopefully this idea isn’t completely wishful thinking :crossed_fingers:
Only issue being there doesn’t seem to be tons and tons of people wanting it but we can hope!!