Initial top pop payment bounce

(Lloyd) #1

Barclays card is being declined to do my initial top up, same Barclays card is being accepted on Amazon / TFL / Sainsburys / ASOS today. My personal Information on the app is correct, and I have reinstalled monzo 3 times.

Any ideas?

(MikeF) #2

Barclays are blocking it as potential fraud? Give them a ring and ask.

(Josh Bray) #3

The sort code that holds all the deposits is a Barclay’s one anyway so it’s confusing that they’d block it.

(Michael Jenkins) #4

Is it maybe a credit card you are trying to use? They are not supported - it must be a debit card.

(Josh Bray) #6

That is true. Forgot that stripe organised the payments.

(Lloyd) #7


Barclays had blocked the transaction for suspicious activity. After a quick call they unblocked it and allowed me to pay the deposit.